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Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Hast la Vista Sire!


I enjoyed kit-bashing Edward of March, (see “Edward IV a 15th Century Terminator?” blog of 20th October) and he quickly became the mainstay of my Yorkist army, so much so that I completely forgot about my stated plan to kit-bash Edward as King, until James Griffiths of Wargames Illustrated asked me if I had done so as it would make a good sidebar in the Terminator article which was going to print the following Monday. 

This was on a Thursday and the following Sunday was going to be an all-day-Billhooks-games-day which meant I had only three days to get it together which allowed just enough drying time for Green Stuff, paint and varnish!

Best get to it then!

I had the crowned helm from the Perry Foot Knights box and I selected the Man at Arms figure on the right of the sprue 

  Leaning forwards, front leg flexed suitable to place upon a dead body and wearing a surcoat so easy to cut and fill as there is no armour detail to worry about

I cut above the belt and above the knee

Extended right leg and torso with brass rod to make him taller

 I did not extend his left leg as it is flexed and would be stood on a body which I hoped would disguise its “normal” length

Then I filled the gaps with green stuff. This looked a bit rough when it had dried so prior to priming I gave it a coat of varnish then filed it smooth.

  I selected an appropriate figure to be Edwards victim and picked left and right arms. I cut the arms for repositioning, separating them at the elbow as I wanted them to lie flat and straight by his sides, and cut away the weapons

Using a razor saw I cut away the relief on the back of the figure so that it would lie flat

I then glued it together with plastic glue…

 It reminded me of the effigies seen on top of medieval tombs!


In order to have access to the surcoat to paint the Royal Arms, I painted the er..Royal arms and torso separately. 

I am not great at swords and I am trying to improve so I tried some NMM techniques but with true metallics. I used Citadel Tyran Blue mixed with glaze medium. I decided I would finish the sword after fixing the arms to the model by adding few nicks and some edge highlights.

The armour was painted with Army Painter Gun Metal then washed with a mix of Tyran Blue and Nuln Oil, Then highlighted with Army Painter Plate Metal and finally a few highlights were picked out with Army Painter Shining Silver.

    The surcoat/jupon was painted with Citadel Mephiston Red highlighted with Evil Sunz Scarlet and Wild Rider Red. The blue is Citadel Macragge, Altdorf and Calgar Blues.

The crown was also painted using Army Painter Metallics paints, Greedy Gold washed with Citadel Reikland Flesh Ink and highlighted with Bright Gold with final highlights of a mix of Bright Gold and Shining Silver

It is only possible to give an impression of the heraldic lions and fleur-de-lys which I picked out in Citadels Averland Sunset

With the arms glued in place I finished the sword and gave it a coat of gloss varnish

 I chose Perry's metal Richard Duke of Gloucester to accompany Edward in battle. The armour is painted as per the King

I fixed small magnets in the base so that the standard bearer and the man at arms could be detachable to signify when  “wounds” have been taken when playing Billhooks

I am experimenting with taking pictures, something I have little experience of. Here I have tried using the “pro” setting on my phone’s camera to give different exposures. 

I still don’t know which I prefer!


                    To War!


  1. Really fantastic photography, you've done very well if you have 'little experience' of it! Both the default and the 'pro' settings look really good....

    1. Thank you! I find it a bit hit and miss getting the focus right and on the bit I actually want focused! I have just bought a camera so hopefully things will improve ( once I learn how to use it!)

  2. The figures look superb, both photos look excellent as well.

  3. Lovely work. Im damm sure, I saw it in some magazine earlier!

  4. He he he! I am pretty damn sure you did too! Thanks you